A chills-filled series, chronicling the terrifying true stories of the paranormal told by those who experienced real-life horror tales. "When the door between the spirit world and ours is opened, the stuff of nightmares becomes reality". That's according to the introduction of this series which dramatizes the true stories of people who have been haunted or experienced a haunting. In this docu-drama, the actual people involved recount their stories on-camera, as the frightening events of their stories are re-enacted.

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Premiere Date: Oct/28/2005

Genre: Anthology, Drama, Horror, Supernatural, Mystery


Most Recent Episodes

A Haunting season 9 episode 8

Season 9, Episode 8: Dangerous Games

When three siblings communicate with the family ghost using a spirit board, it's all fun and games. But they have no idea the door for good and evil spirits is now open....

Air Date: Dec 02, 2016

A Haunting season 9 episode 9

Season 9, Episode 9: Living Nightmare

An old spirit that tormented a woman in childhood resurfaces after many years and encroaches on her waking hours to torment her entire family. ...

Air Date: Dec 09, 2016

A Haunting Casts

Anthony Call

Anthony Call