Celebrity fact and fiction are forever separated as Autopsy: The Last Hours Of... reveals the truth behind the controversial deaths of some of the most famous celebrities. The sudden and tragic passing of these global mega-stars sent the world into a frenzy fueled by hearsay and rumor. Now crucial medical evidence gained from the actual autopsies explains what killed the stars and reveals how they died, finally putting an end to the speculation. Interviews with friends and family shed light on the decisions that set them on the path towards their deaths, and by combining medical fact with personal revelation, Autopsy: The Last Hours Of... investigates not only the untimely deaths but also the extraordinary lives of these global icons. In new episodes Dr. Richard Shepherd will investigate the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson, River Phoenix, Robin Williams.

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Premiere Date: Jan/7/2014

Genre: Drama, Mystery, History


Most Recent Episodes

Autopsy: The Last Hours Of... season 8 episode 8

Season 8, Episode 8: Howard Hughes

The legendary Howard Hughes died at the age of 70 on April 5th 1976. He had unrivalled success as a pioneering business magnate, Hollywood movie producer and a record setting pilot and his visionary achievements changed the course of history. He foun...

Air Date: Mar 31, 2019

Autopsy: The Last Hours Of... season 8 episode 9

Season 8, Episode 9: Michael Landon

Actor, Producer and Director Michael Landon passed away at his Malibu, California home on July 1, 1991 just three months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer....

Air Date: Apr 07, 2019

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