In order to beat Bobby Flay, you have to get to him first. This new series is the ultimate throwdown-showdown... . Three culinary masters, each with their own signature dish, a dish that they'd stake their reputations on, travel to New York for the chance to challenge Bobby Flay to a head-to-head cook-off of their specialty. But first, these contenders must battle it out to see who has the culinary prowess to ultimately go one-on-one against Bobby on his own turf.

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Premiere Date: Mar/3/2014

Genre: Food, Reality


Most Recent Episodes

Beat Bobby Flay season 20 episode 5

Season 20, Episode 5: Something's Fishy

Chef Richard Blais and TV host Natalie Morales have their sights set on taking down Bobby Flay; they bring in chef Johnny Hernandez and chef Coby Farrow to kick Bobby out of his own kitchen; fish serves as the star ingredient. ...

Air Date: May 05, 2019

Beat Bobby Flay season 20 episode 6

Season 20, Episode 6: Grapes of Wrath

"Chopped" judge Alex Guarnaschelli and the "Cake Boss," Buddy Valastro, don't sugarcoat their desire to take down Bobby Flay; the princess of pastry, Paulette Goto, and sweet sensation Zac Young return for a chance at revenge...

Air Date: May 09, 2019

Beat Bobby Flay season 20 episode 7

Season 20, Episode 7: Flame-tastic!

Bobby Flay's good friends Michael Symon and Alex Guarnaschelli are back in the arena and looking to fire up a win. But before they can declare a new grill master, chefs Armando Litiatco and Mikala Brennan have to battle for a chance to smoke Bob...

Air Date: May 23, 2019

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