In the streets of Chicago, success is the only way out. "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" follows a passionate and ambitious group of friends through the unforgiving streets of Chicago as they band together to create new identities for themselves, their families, and their business. After years on the rough streets of "Chi-raq", the artists at 9 Maghave risen to the top of the tattoo game. Formed in the wake of a tragedy, 9Mag is a daily reminder of the struggles they work to overcome, and of the bright future that lies ahead…if they play their cards right.

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Premiere Date: Oct/26/2015

Genre: Reality


Most Recent Episodes

Black Ink Crew: Chicago season 5 episode 9

Season 5, Episode 9: I Hope You Make It to America

Ryan gets an ominous call for a meeting from the building management to discuss the future of 9MAG; Lily uses her break from the shop to focus on her art; Charmaine decides to organize a protest....

Air Date: Feb 27, 2019

Black Ink Crew: Chicago season 5 episode 10

Season 5, Episode 10: Lacuna Matata


Air Date: Mar 06, 2019

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