How well do you know your housemates? Evil Lives Here tells the heart-stopping tales of people who have shared a home, with a killer. In each episode, loved ones reveal how they came to discover their significant other's evil side.

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Premiere Date: Jan/17/2016

Genre: Drama, Crime

Most Recent Episodes

Evil Lives Here season 6 episode 4

Season 6, Episode 4: Until We Meet Again

When James Henslee realizes he is the police's prime suspect, he can't believe it but he attempts to convince them that someone he had once looked up to was the one capable of murder....

Air Date: Aug 04, 2019

Evil Lives Here season 6 episode 5

Season 6, Episode 5: He Knew What He Was

Ronald and Patty had always seen the signs that their older brother, Bernard Eugene Giles, had a darker side, but when Gene finally let loose the monster lurking inside, they couldn't help but wonder how things had gone so wrong....

Air Date: Aug 11, 2019

Evil Lives Here season 6 episode 6

Season 6, Episode 6: They Let Him Out

When Clare Bradburn's ex-husband, Ed, suddenly confesses to his crime after 26 years, she thinks she finally has justice, and that the nightmare she lived for decades would end; she never expects that her nightmare would continue....

Air Date: Aug 18, 2019

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