You’ve got the home you’ve always dreamed of and the neighborhood to match. But someone close by has very different ideas. FEAR THY NEIGHBOR reveals what happens when a new homeowner unwittingly takes up residence within a stone’s throw of a psycho, or when evil minds decide to lay down roots right next door. These are the terrifying tales of the unwanted neighbors who turn home sweet home into home sweet hell.

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Premiere Date: Apr/14/2014

Genre: Crime, Drama


Most Recent Episodes

Fear Thy Neighbor season 5 episode 9

Season 5, Episode 9: Dead Men Tell No Tales

A man who is meticulous about his lawn bickers with a new neighbor who doesn't have the same priorities; the feud between the two men escalates, ultimately ending in an episode of shocking violence....

Air Date: Jul 28, 2018

Fear Thy Neighbor season 5 episode 10

Season 5, Episode 10: Family Values

Living in her family home, a woman befriends her new neighbors, only to be plunged into a nightmare of threats, violence and betrayal; after her brother steps up to protect her, blood will be spilled and lives forever shattered....

Air Date: Aug 04, 2018

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