Narcos is series that chronicles the life and death of drug lord Pablo Escobar the ruthless boss of the Medellin Cartel and a known terrorist who was also a congressman, a family man and revered by the poor as a new Robin Hood.

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Premiere Date: Aug/28/2015

Genre: Action, Drama

Most Recent Episodes

Narcos season 2 episode 9

Season 2, Episode 9: Nuestra Finca

Pablo is reunited with an estranged family member. Judy Moncada's life is put in danger. The DEA and CIA clash over how to handle Los Pepes....

Air Date: Sep 02, 2016

Narcos season 2 episode 10

Season 2, Episode 10: Al Fin CayĆ³!

Javier deals with the repercussions from Judy's interview. Tata tries to convince Pablo to surrender for the sake of his children....

Air Date: Sep 02, 2016

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