Ripped from the pages of one of the nation's top weekly magazines, People Magazine Investigates goes beyond the headlines to uncover the heart-wrenching stories of lives and families ripped apart. These are crime stories that transcended news and became part of popular culture. Interlaced within each episode are exclusive interviews with People's journalists and firsthand emotional interviews with those closest to the investigation revealing shocking twists, new evidence, and unexpected resolutions.

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Premiere Date: Nov/7/2016

Genre: Drama, Crime

Most Recent Episodes

People Magazine Investigates season 3 episode 14

Season 3, Episode 14: Burned Alive

On a back road in Mississippi, a popular 19-year-old girl is set on fire and left to burn alive. Her last words lead detectives down a road of dead ends and the case goes cold until a special agent taps into her location data and finds a suspect....

Air Date: Feb 18, 2019

People Magazine Investigates season 3 episode 15

Season 3, Episode 15: Who Killed Jane Doe 59?

In 1969, a woman is found murdered in Los Angeles, but her identity is a mystery; for decades, police investigate hoping to put a name to the face and find her killer; the one lead that comes up over and over leads them to Charles Manson....

Air Date: Feb 25, 2019

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