Queens of Mystery Season 1 Episode 3 Death by Vinyl: First Chapter

Episode Summary

Air Date: 15th Apr, 2019 / 2 link(s) found.

Death by Vinyl gives an insight into Cat Stone’s years in an 80s new wave girl band and her love affair with Nikki Holler, its lead singer. “Volcanic Youth” and their entourage have been invited to record a reunion album at an exclusive retreat not far from Wildermarsh – but it’s not long before one of them is found dead in the studio… strangled with a microphone cord. Matilda begins her investigations and soon becomes aware of motives for murder buried in the band’s past. Only by teaming up with veteran ex-band member, Aunt Cat, can Matilda piece the fragments of these scattered lives together. But in assisting Matilda to nail the killer, Cat must confront the tragedies of her own past – emotions she’d buried decades ago.

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