Sex in a tree? A quickie in the closet? Laundry room relations? These are just a few of the out-of-the-ordinary places where amorous adventurers go to get intimate with their other halves. But few people expect to land themselves in the emergency room as a result! Brought to life for Discovery Fit & Health by GRB Entertainment, the production company behind the hit show UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER, this all-new series documents the real-life and often hilarious stories of what happens when a little action leads to a medical crisis. Retold by emergency room physicians and the actual couples who, in the heat of the moment, got themselves into a fix and needed a doctor to fix it, this four-part series illustrates how loving couples cope when sex goes outrageously wrong.

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Premiere Date: Dec/28/2013

Genre: Medical

Most Recent Episodes

Sex Sent Me to the ER season 2 episode 14

Season 2, Episode 14: Routine Romance

A couple vacationing in Ecuador gets on a love boat and head to the ER after a marine mishap; a Reiki instructor and her hubby use their energy for a 12 hour sex-a-thon that ends with a collapse; a silks performer can't move his legs after a ...

Air Date: Mar 26, 2016

Sex Sent Me to the ER season 2 episode 15

Season 2, Episode 15: Top 10 Moments in the Wild

In this special episode, we count down the Top 10 Moments in the Wild from the first season of Sex Sent me to the ER. From outdoor romps gone wrong to animals interfering at inopportune times, this hour features wild things that ended in the ER. ...

Air Date: Mar 26, 2016

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