In SuperMansion a group of elderly superheroes, the League of Freedom, were once renowned throughout the world. Now under the leadership of Titanium Rex, they attempt to stay relevant in a world that has passed them by.

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Premiere Date: Oct/8/2015

Genre: Comedy

Most Recent Episodes

SuperMansion season 3 episode 11

Season 3, Episode 11: Jungle All The Way

The League of Freedom is enlisted for a top-secret mission on a perilous jungle island. Despite Cooch going feral and American Ranger succumbing to jungle paranoia, The League successfully identifies the island's supervillain. Elsewhere, Black S...

Air Date: Oct 04, 2018

SuperMansion season 3 episode 12

Season 3, Episode 12: Debbie Does Devizo

An old, powerful foe from Dr. Devizo’s past returns to haunt him… and aims to kill him swiftly afterward. Both The League of Freedom and The League of Freedom West risk their lives keeping him alive while Lex struggles with an internal conflict o...

Air Date: Oct 04, 2018

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