For the past four seasons, viewers of HISTORY’s hit series Ax Men followed the exploits of Shelby “Swamp Man” Stanga, the larger-than-life character who lives and logs in southern Louisiana. Born on the bayou, Shelby answers to no one and plays by his own rules. Most people think of the swamps as a place ridden with critters, mud and danger. For Shelby, it’s home. Now, viewers will get to see what this legend of the Atchafalaya Swamp does to survive when he’s not diving for sinker cypress in gator-infested waters in THE LEGEND OF SHELBY THE SWAMP MAN, a new series premiering Tuesday, August 6 at 9pm ET on HISTORY. In the wake of Hurricane Isaac, the “Swamp Man” has a problem… his house on the water is wrecked in the storm. Shelby is left with nothing but his best canine buddy, Willie. Over the course of eight / 30 minutes episodes, viewers will follow Shelby as he goes in search of a new houseboat, all while doing odd jobs to make money for his new home purchase. Finding a new houseboat presents a huge challenge: Shelby must venture into the real world. He may not be afraid to look a 10-foot gator in the mouth, but he has seldom ridden in a car and never used an escalator. His adventures take viewers deep into bayou culture and the colorful characters in his life. Whether he’s hog hunting, encountering venomous swamp creatures, working with a voodoo priestess or ridding swamp rats from a fancy house, the “Swamp Man” takes on each project with enthusiasm— on his own terms.

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Premiere Date: Aug/06/2013

Genre: Drama, Lifestyle

Most Recent Episodes

The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man season 2 episode 1

Season 2, Episode 1: Man Bites Snake

Shelby takes on a snake and loses half of his tooth in the process. He'll do anything to avoid the dentist and resorts to one of the most dangerous stunts he's ever tried, but eventually has to face his worst fear....

Air Date: Apr 26, 2015

The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man season 2 episode 2

Season 2, Episode 2: Swamp Survival 101

Little RJ and his friends want Shelby to take them camping. Shelby jumps at the chance to turn these boys into bona fide mini-swamp men and agrees to instruct them in the art of wilderness survival....

Air Date: Apr 26, 2015

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