There She Goes is about a severely learning disabled 9-year-old girl Rosie, her dad Simon, mum Emily and brother Ben.

Each episode shines a light on day-to-day life with Rosie - unique experiences from simply trying to take her to the park to trying to explain that everyday isn't her birthday.

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Premiere Date: Oct/16/2018

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Most Recent Episodes

There She Goes season 1 episode 4

Season 1, Episode 4: The Wrong Grandad

Simon's mum and stepdad want to take Ben to Devon for three weeks, which causes Simon and Emily to wonder why they are not willing to take Rosie....

Air Date: Nov 06, 2018

There She Goes season 1 episode 5

Season 1, Episode 5: Ben

Rosie is incredibly excited. Grandad - aka Gandalf - is finally coming because there's going to be a birthday with lots of presents - albeit Ben's birthday presents.A birthday meal out at a restaurant descends into chaos, but luckily Grandm...

Air Date: Nov 13, 2018

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