Tina and Bobby is an epic love story about an ordinary girl who falls for an ordinary boy only to be swept up in an extraordinary life. Nineteen year-old Tina Dean married Bobby Moore for love, little knowing that their marriage would be defined by history.Tina struggled as a housewife but Bobby's star ascended as he became England captain aged just 23. When Tina fell pregnant their future looked bright… until Bobby was diagnosed with cancer. Sworn to secrecy, Tina proved Bobby's rock as he fought his way back to fitness but he and Tina clashed when a stand off with his club manager jeopardised his World Cup prospects.

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Premiere Date: Jan/13/2017

Genre: Drama

Most Recent Episodes

Tina and Bobby season 1 episode 2

Season 1, Episode 2: Episode 2

In the second episode, after Bobby leads England to World Cup glory, Tina joins him in the spotlight and she becomes the first WAG. The price of fame soon becomes clear, leading Tina to fear that success will destroy their marriage....

Air Date: Jan 20, 2017

Tina and Bobby season 1 episode 3

Season 1, Episode 3: Episode 3

Tina and Bobby try to escape their relationship troubles by investing in their future, but as Bobby's playing career wanes, Tina's worst fears about their marriage seem destined to become a reality....

Air Date: Jan 27, 2017

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