Behind the discovery of every Jane Doe are two parallel stories: that of the detectives puzzling out her identity and how she died, and that of her family who know very well who she is but have lost her, now forever. By weaving the two stories together, Who Killed Jane Doe? Embarks on a unique journey of discovery, loss, mystery and resolution.

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Premiere Date: Jan/1/2017

Genre: Drama, Crime, Mystery

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Who Killed Jane Doe? season 2 episode 1

Season 2, Episode 1: The Tent Girl

A woman's body is found in a tent bag in the Kentucky woods. A thousand miles away, a family searches for a missing mother of three. Both cases go unsolved for decades, until a man's obsession and a family's determination converge, unc...

Air Date: Jan 23, 2018

Who Killed Jane Doe? season 2 episode 2

Season 2, Episode 2: A Girl Has No Name

Summary for this episode is not yet available....

Air Date: Jan 30, 2018

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