In this genre-bending tale, Errol Morris explores the mysterious death of a U.S. scientist entangled in a secret Cold War program known as MK-Ultra.

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Premiere Date: Dec/15/2017

Genre: Drama, Crime

Most Recent Episodes

Wormwood season 1 episode 5

Season 1, Episode 5: Chapter 5: Honorable Men

Frank's growing concerns about Cold War activities raise alarm bells at the CIA. A frustrated Eric launches a last-ditch bid for closure....

Air Date: Dec 15, 2017

Wormwood season 1 episode 6

Season 1, Episode 6: Chapter 6: Remember Me

Thanks to Seymour Hersh, Eric finally learns the truth -- but at a maddening cost. In room 1018A, Frank faces off with two mysterious men....

Air Date: Dec 15, 2017

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